DC Review Network 2012 global domain name registration report

China IDC Review Network 01, 2009 reported: IDC review network according to the data provided by WebHosting.info, the release of the annual report of the global domain name registration in the year 2012, the report of. According to the report, in 2012, nearly 4 million 170 thousand new global domain name registration.


(Figure 1) 2012 global domain name registration map

2012 during the year, the global distribution of domain name registration situation is stable, the total number of domain names showed an upward trend. Total to 133 million.


(Figure 2) January -12 global domain name registration data

2012, the global domain name market bustling. Under the impact of the new top-level domain, the traditional.COM,.NET and other domain names are affected. Data from the Webhosting.info statistics, the second half of 2012, the monthly domain name increments are not as good as last month, but fortunately, the domain name is still showing an upward trend in the total.

note: WebHosting.info statistical domain name refers to the total amount of.COM,.NET,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ five top-level domain names.

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