Ali against nternet fraud case Mu Yang 3 suspects were arrested

recently, Alibaba small business group launched a series of network crackdown launched a full investigation of the site crackdown against fraud gathering does not deliver goods online trading.

days ago, involving as many as 300 thousand yuan of "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company is the Alibaba closed, the 3 suspects arrested in Ningbo in Zhejiang. Currently the case is under further investigation.

at the beginning of July this year, the Alibaba received 1 complaints about the Chinese station platform sellers "Shanghai’s foreign trade limited company" collection delivery complaint behavior, the transaction amounted to nearly 170 thousand yuan.

after receiving the complaint, the Alibaba immediately launched investigation and evidence collection, according to the Alibaba China website user credit rules, the seller to close the shop punishment. Unfortunately, before the two sides and not by Alipay secured transactions to complete the transaction remittance, but all through the direct bank transfer to complete, which makes the Alibaba unable to track and timely control of money.

so Alibaba recommends buyers report. And with the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau and other relevant investigative agencies, after more than a month of investigation and evidence collection. At the end of July, the 3 suspects in the case of Mu Yang "was finally arrested in Zhejiang, Ningbo.

according to the review, the group of people involved in the Alibaba platform amounted to about 300000 yuan. In addition, the suspects also confessed the fact that fraud in other shopping platform.

recently, such a large amount of fraud cases have occurred, the modus operandi is similar, with the liar’s anti detection awareness and camouflage capabilities continue to increase. To this end, the Alibaba quickly adjust control strategy, in close cooperation with the police, according to the recently launched site investigation and crackdown, shutting down more than and 20 high-risk member shop.

at present, online shopping has become a new consumer habits. During this period, the vast majority of the integrity of the seller for online shopping to create a good shopping environment, of course, it is undeniable that also caused a lot of criminals, they tried to destroy the integrity of the platform online shopping environment, in order to achieve the purpose of fraud.

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