Bitcoin new 900 China Qiangde bitcoin pricing

when the yuan is still struggling to win Asian identity, the Chinese people have won the pricing power in the face of another global currency. Bitcoin trading platform of "professional fire currency network" shows that in November 18th all day long 24 hours, the station bitcoin transaction number more than 100 thousand, beyond another domestic bitcoin trading site bitcoin China; at the same time a new high 1 bitcoin, bitcoin transaction price reached $more than and 800, compared with a rose about 249% months ago.

quietly, China has become the world’s dominant bitcoin. For the urgent need to increase their financial influence in China, the hot bitcoin transactions for China is lucky or unfortunate, perhaps only when the digital currency really become the mainstream of the times, in order to draw conclusions.

bitcoin prices again high trading center transferred to China

as of November 19th, the virtual currency bitcoin hit $900 price. Nick ConvergEx group chief market strategist Kelasi (Nick Colas) soared again in a report to clients on Wednesday in the bitcoin value, and refresh the record in April bitcoin frenzied period price record was analyzed: bitcoin this week to create a new high in April, soared breakthrough it is a bubble level price record, and finish this trend to fairly and orderly state under control.

in a month ago, by the Silk Road, the impact of bitcoin also experienced repeated trough, the lowest of more than 100 U.S. dollars, just a month after the frenzied rise. Bitcoin UPS attracted all over the world especially Chinese investors’ attention, and the market place has gradually shifted to China, from Chinese strong trade demand is replaced from Japan, Europe and the United States the source of demand.

China Qiangde pricing China aunt had bitcoin

The latest data from the

bitcoin trading platform fire currency net that day trading bitcoin RMB market volume rose to 250 thousand, the market share accounted for 70% of the world, Chinese has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest bitcoin market; Chinese bitcoin RMB trading price highest had more than 8000 yuan, the number of trading days more than 100 thousand. The old MT.GOX trading platform bitcoin highest price only $900 over the same period of foreign China, the market price is higher than the international price of 40%, according to the recent domestic market situation is basically not affected by the international price price, get bitcoin pricing.

for China, bitcoin is a magic gift. China is famous for saving the country, the Chinese people are keen to invest, bitcoin is not just a digital asset, the Chinese people are more like real estate, gold or stocks with investment value. And in China, bitcoin business did not encounter similar regulatory and banking problems in the United States, so bitcoin has begun to enter the Chinese people’s vision, from the Beijing Youth Daily reported that

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