Star password enterprise event officially obtained value added telecommunications business license

e-commerce service industry is facing a cold winter, many electricity supplier companies are caught in the plight of business failures. Changes in the market environment, the adjustment of the platform as well as the improvement and changes in the industry policy, the company may return to the years of hard work.


official value-added telecommunications business license

took advantage of the December 2015 round of A million financing momentum, in June 2016 28 Sunstar password by the Sichuan Communications Authority issued the People’s Republic of China value-added telecommunications business license.

value-added telecommunications business license is a kind of certificate which is paid for by the Internet to provide users with a variety of services. The acquisition of the certificate marks the formal completion of the star password value-added telecommunications business qualification, paving the way for the company to carry out the next value-added services.

Get the permit to operate

value-added telecommunications services, ensure the lawful operation rights star password website, but also help the company to carry out other business projects, improve the overall competitiveness of the company, and the company has started the business transformation and future sustainable development has played a good role in promoting.

star password access to value-added telecommunications business license, made a key step in value-added telecom business operations. The use of the Internet platform to support public entrepreneurship, innovation, improve service quality, bring more choice and better service to consumers, and promote the prosperity and development of the Internet plus ".

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