What is the focus of the site rankings in 2013

website ranking of the ups and downs, deeply affect the small gold continue to churn the mind, but also Kim has been a heart disease, website optimization instability brought great psychological burden to us, really, sometimes want to really have the ability and funds to do Baidu PPC promotion you may rarely have a mind like that, would not have been tangled work, oh, of course, this is a complaint, really to it, there will be a new problem, this is called the tripod head to play, also called anything not Everything is going smoothly. mentality is very important,


really, self feeling is a nonsense to say, let me give you a simple little about gold is my personal experience, since the Internet in this line, encountered the most make a website I worried, playcold bow shop http://s.www.52ku.net, this website you can check the domain name. Registered last year, has always been a person responsible, but the strange thing is, the website keywords ranking in the home for a very short time, often ranking ups and downs deeply affects tangled thoughts, in my impression, before after a total of three times on the Baidu home page, but it is soon the keywords decline, but that sank in the end, rather than simply floating


this problem repeated several times after, I truly realize the seriousness of the problem, but also to ask a lot of the master, has conducted a number of common discussion, finally summarized a set of the most suitable for a 2013 year plan, the optimization of here, with the help of A5 this platform, Kim can you share, hope to be able to help those who have lost SEO


SEO, the first important point is the site in the construction, must as far as possible to avoid the site scale change, although some friends will say, with the vision of people constantly improve, people for the website taste is also on the increase, which will involve the revision Meiqimingyue, increase the user experience of the website, in fact, often long time observation Kim concluded that floating on the situation is not something we should stick to the original, from Baidu search mechanism in view of analysis, site of the large-scale revision will encounter a great impact on the search engine, because for any search engine the site, scale change, is the birth of a new station, must be ranking floating

!Another point is the quality of

website, the website quality is always a very important problem, is also a small gold SEO has been the most pursued a word, in the past, the basic algorithm of Baidu is not precise enough, by some of the original false way in a short time a large increase in the content of the web site however, as search engines continue to improve, continue to upgrade the accurate algorithm, this problem has been Baidu strictly prohibited, if in excess, will cause great negative impact on the web, since this year many website ranking unstable >

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