Network marketing Reflections on the measurement of nternet advertising effect


network advertising increasingly strong but also for many advertising agencies, media companies, media and research institutions more and more in-depth discussion and exploration should be how to more effectively measure the network advertising effect, in order to provide advertisers with strong evidence to support the network marketing activity and increase investment.


at this stage, the general measurement standards are based on Click, supplemented by Impression, UV and other major data, the formation of CTR, Conversion and other key indicators as the basis for measuring the effectiveness of advertising.

this indicator system in fact with the ratings concept is very similar, but the importance of advertising is very different. The reason for this difference is that the Internet has dual characteristics of media and channels. For TV media, the consumer behavior of advertising exposure is very difficult to track; and through the Internet media, consumers can easily click through to enter the shopping platform for consumer, and consumer behavior can be recorded and tracked by clicking. This convenient to click rate popularity soared, and not as ratings as the only reference to the advertising, and the purpose of the launch.


but with the development of the industry, it was found that the "click through rate" does not explain all the questions. So we began to think more deeply about such as "click consumers are what kind of person? Why are they? Why not others? No people have received what effect? I have no long-term brand building?" these questions.

for some doubts, the industry is doing some things to try to answer, although not completely resolved, but also made great progress.

Click on the

for the background of people, like the second hand, iResearch company has launched a set of monitoring system to monitor and estimate their sitting in front of the computer you’re about how a person. The complete measurement of advertisement effectiveness, Nelson, Millward, Ipsos research institutions have also been trying to measure the effect of advertising on traditional media is improved to fit the network advertisement.

so, what is the traditional media advertising effectiveness measurement model?

comprehensive evaluation system of a large number of research institutions, the effectiveness of advertising mainly from three aspects of evaluation: brand connection, creative communication and persuasion.

1, "brand connection" refers to the advertising people remember your brand, this is the most important, no advertisers want to spend large sums of money for others to do the wedding dress;

2, "creative communication" refers to the idea of advertising can be understood and people after the evaluation of it (such as the degree of liking, alone)

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