To build the brand from the media influence magnetic field three expert fan children how to produc

With the rise of

from the media, since the media now, most will be more focused on the professional, concentrated in certain areas of the professional but also the content of originality.

and you can not become a field of opinion leaders, can not build their own magnetic field of influence, more reflected in the professional level.

we do from the media enterprises or individuals, are not the entertainment star, not the kind of natural sentiment, could not say why the afternoon what to eat it really can have a headache, tens of thousands of people forwarding comments, the vast majority of people are not cattle to the extent it.

so for an ordinary from the media, to have the influence, it is necessary to gradually make the brand, I think from the content, there are two points: first, the value of specialization, the two is a long-term share.

If there is no

value, cannot be called from the media, for example, I open a blog every day is old Chen Sai what I eat, it can be called from the media? I am a man of the people, every day to eat what no point value to others, unless the media since I want to make a comment on the delicacy that is, to provide the real level of comment.

and if it is valuable, but you write an article, even if published on all the sites, it can not be called from the media.

that is, by virtue of the long-term sharing of professional content, in order to have the opportunity to form a media brand.

can provide some benefits to others through what you create. Whether professional skills, or spirit, or knowledge, you must have learned".

For example,

Gao Xiaosong’s "Xiao Song" and "Xiao said about" video from the media, why can quickly reach hundreds of millions of viewers, and in the network, there are a lot of fans and viewers in the in-depth discussion with the idea and content of each period, as a media, the influence of the magnetic field series have a very strong. After all, the show’s speaker is not a "idol type, not a professor, can rely on Idol temperament to attract people.

just because Gao Xiaosong is a celebrity? Or because he has broadcast platform Youku and Iqiyi? I think the key is not more, or because of his, because he can provide many we do not know the knowledge in his most familiar territory, but also with his personal opinions content.

otherwise, even if a person is very famous, but devoid of substance, then in addition to idiotic powder will chase, estimates very difficult to expand his fans. In the case of Gao Xiaosong, before I also said, I was not interested in him before, do not understand, even I don’t love this man looks, but I see him this show have become his fans by precisely become his fan from the media. This is the professionalization of the impact brought by the media, so many people can pursue his own media.

Gao Xiaosong from the professional degree of media programs, reflected in where?

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