Talking about how to let Baidu know question and answer to avoid failure

today’s share for basic operations such as illegal questions in sensitive words, Baidu know account quality problems, for IP is not normal, the cache is not completely clear and other issues described here is not tired, there are many aspects of this forum to share, can look down. Mainly for the exclusion of the basic violations, the question and answer are deleted to talk about their experience.

one, by two times to reduce the risk of being deleted

two answer is the most effective in the past 14 years, and is now the most popular answer skills, he can simulate the client to operate, greatly reducing the risk of being deleted reply. But personally feel that in order to stay in the long-term operation of the keyword guide is better. Because the link to the main domain names are generally seconds to delete, can stay on the link are mostly jump type. However, the link experience is very poor, there will be few users to click on the basic. But Baidu has been updated, basically each update will remove a lot of links, even if the chance is not delete, the next is doomed.

two, through a simple code to avoid questions and answers are deleted

Baidu is now limited to a lot of sensitive words containing the problem, but there are a lot of sensitive words and we are very important keywords, if there is no question and answer keywords, traffic will not be able to talk about. Is that we have to give up these words, of course not, after some time ago, I found that as long as the simple addition of two code, the problem can be successfully submitted.

the two code is the meaning of the space, put the two code on the question or answer sensitive words can be raised inside the question. This will not be detected, but also does not affect the user’s search. Of course, this is not a panacea, for the words are still very hot failure, the use of their own discretion.

three, with the help of others

we sometimes is always well prepared to answer questions of failure, to no avail. Here we can answer questions with the help of others. There is to know keywords center set the corresponding attention in person, so you can show to the Everfount problem skills.

four, the boot keyword

a lot of partners to guide the title is soft, but now Baidu know the rules of the update, so many of the history of so and so, so that the words of protest road will soon be included in the ranks of sensitive words. So here we suggest that you can use an independent name to replace the title of soft Wen, as long as the name of the search to see your soft Wen, the effect is the same. This can greatly reduce the risk of being deleted. And the failure of the problem, the appeal is also a great opportunity to return. I have been using this guide, I oh.

today about how to avoid Baidu know quiz deleted skills so much for sharing, this is what I have been operating Baidu know some personal experience, there are definitely not perfect or not too accurate. "

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