Ma Jiajia only know the marketing business model is useless

I horse, Ma Jiajia through their own marketing hype, making her forced sex shops in the past period of time is very successful, even make a lot of Ma Jiajia eyes of Uncle level figures all admired, the marketing thinking by many enterprises certainly.

but recently her "Powerful Sex shop" or even the entire adult appeal market deserted people have to wonder: only know the marketing business model has a future?


A store in Sanlitun SOHO C

B1, a male clerk stood lonely, looking forward to customers, after a long wait, a group of young men and women laughing in the shop, took 4 photos and laughing, did not buy any product, a few hours later, there are still empty.

this is called "Powerful Sex shop" (bubble no fun supplies) flagship store in Sanlitun, known as "China’s most beautiful supplies shop". Here is the most successful brand marketing fun supplies store, hanging banners hanging in the door: "I am not allowed to enter, not good-looking enough to enter, 18cm or more can be discounted." The shop everywhere "across the river still sing backyard flower" with metaphor and molestation means identification, neural constantly spun the majority of sensitive sex products.

founder Ma Allison, who was labeled "goddess" and "our" and "sexual liberation" label after 90 girl, now is a lot of Entrepreneurship Forum and business school invited speakers, she talk about entrepreneurship, thinking about the Internet, talk about the concept of brand marketing concept, PPT has been in numerous related speech forwarding and share in micro-blog, WeChat platform. However, the reality of the Powerful sex shop, there seems to be no legend so fire".


would shift the battlefield soundless and stirless,

, a young man working at Subway, perhaps the real operating conditions of Powerful Sex shop’s flagship store in Sanlitun: the shop is not busy people, because there is no Chinese signs, he had mistakenly thought it was a wet clothing store.

media has been widely on a company located in Beijing Gaobeidian street is booming reported Powerful Sex shop experience store already quietly closed. This store opened in mid 2013, in October of that year, easy to shop and the transfer of information on the emergence of the city of 58, but until now there is no relevant shop.

of course, the depression is not just the adult supplies store Powerful Sex shop. During the day, at a distance of Sanlitun SOHO street across the street shops, an orange adult sex shop is not from the crowd how many customers share the streams of people busily coming and going until after nightfall, only a few guests to patronize.

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