dea do a website dedicated to the storage of SMS

yesterday went out with his girlfriend for dinner, she is the Internet, when she was finishing the mobile phone hard disk file I found she will feel more meaningful messages (most is my hair Kazakhstan: -)) were transferred to the computer and then stored in their own hard drive or SkyDrive, according to said she has is not the first to do so, she often from SkyDrive before the message out of view, aftertaste, her friends also have a lot to do so. Friends don’t you have similar experiences? Some good love messages sometimes could not delete and for mobile phone storage space, no way eventually reluctantly part to delete.

so I suddenly had an idea: it is not possible to do a special storage for mobile phone SMS website, best to develop a mobile phone client software to realize mobile phone Internet open the software, and choose to store text messages can be automatically stored messages to the web server, each friend has an own account number and when the Internet can log on this account to browse their previous messages, for some not related to their little secret messages can be shared, shared to users browse, some privacy messages can be set only to himself and to browse some important business data can be encrypted (and later the commercial operation of the site a breakthrough point)…

selling point:

1, mobile Internet traffic charges: WAP station operators believe that all of them understand the profits (a lot of WAP) personal monthly income of several thousand, tens of thousands of also a lot of.

2, website advertising revenue: with a large number of mobile phone users launched the service, not only mobile phone client often landing, PC will also end traffic surge, they often browse their stored messages, traffic is a website that brought by the flow of income not much said brother

3, commercial data storage, there are a lot of business data and account password information needs to be stored in a safe place some business people every day, not only through the mobile phone, may also through the PC site into the normalized in the premise of technical support can carry out this business services, the prospect of substantial.

and 4 other friends…. think about their own brains.

Technical feasibility of


this morning to open the Maxthon browser to see the launch of the online collection service travel (in fact, regular local data through a fixed account upload / download) that let me further recalled that the mobile phone short message storage is the same reason, the difference is to develop a mobile phone client software, which make me feel our technology is not in place, if you can get out on their own to open the site, ha ha



for this project, interested friends can contact me the ball (QQ) or:630925173 Emai:ceod> (email

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