Arrogance is the way count a few mistakes WeChat marketing

from micro-blog to WeChat, marketing tools have undergone a process of change, which is not only a push to change the way, as well as our own thinking mode of operation. Compared to the traditional marketing, writing of WeChat marketing is apparently more important to establish and document the relationship, how to make a copy of a plan touched the heart of the beholder and participate in, is also a highly marketing. Of course, these are not explained how high the threshold of WeChat marketing, from the current development situation, simply think that WeChat marketing is a small number of people think that the patent is not appropriate. WeChat marketing has advantages, such as when the push service number of content can be in the secondary implantation of advertising, so the combination of their own profit, and obtain profits for WeChat advertising, marketing more private, is conducive to the product into the consumer’s heart. Anyway, WeChat marketing has become a hot spot in 2014.

but the heat is not equal to maturity, although WeChat marketing to make the eye, but from a more macro point of view, there are still many problems. These problems are not simply generated by their own production, but by the birth of our marketing staff. Because WeChat marketing is ultimately a new product, we conduct their own business push in the soil, it will inevitably fall into an opinionated realm, which is similar to the development mode of death cycle will not only cause WeChat marketing was brought into the ditch, will greatly affect our own marketing efficiency, can be said to be wrong one day, we would not have been WeChat marketing development day. So said so much, in my opinion, WeChat marketing errors focus on which aspects?

ignore the original, lost heart. A WeChat amazing is the active circle of friends, friends from this link to build up, to some extent, we can reduce the resistance in the process of marketing. Therefore, the establishment of circle of friends marketing system to rely on the content. To know the power of the text to a certain extent, cast the rapid spread of WeChat and marketing power. But from the current contents of the whole, a lot of service, ignore the original degrees, the reproduced or pseudo original put a lot of work, but this practice is selfish, users subscribe to your service, not to get what they want but advertising messages, and such a lazy way, only waiting for WeChat subscription the user clicks cancel attention, there are a lot of WeChat public service number or numbers, have lost heart, very little original content for your service window can no longer provide value to the user, so the user need what are you doing? If you want to see the advertisement, the user need not waste a part of the flow, so that the first big misunderstanding is to ignore the original WeChat marketing. After all, the value has always been our emphasis on the key, only have the value of the output we can attract more users, and then complete the marketing system and the establishment of the establishment.

large but not fine. May have mentioned the importance of the original, some friends will blindly think that since the original is important, since the value needs to output, then I will continue to make content, >

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