Wang Tong do you pay attention to the transformation of the network promotion


for a company to do training, when it comes to AdWords, their staff told me that they just do not do Internet advertising content, keyword search advertising.

I asked her why?

she said: the contents of the network to bring only 8 cents per click, and keyword search ads are at least a few cents per click, there are a lot of $one or two a click. So they only put content networks.
      this sounds reasonable, but not in fact. I then asked her: how many clicks can the content network bring to a sale?

      she says: about 1000

      so I asked her, that this is, what is the marketing cost?

      her head is about 8 yuan…… No, it’s 80 yuan!!!!!   @#$%$$#%%%#

80 yuan to bring a sale, the cost is too high.

      and then I tell her, if you use the keyword search advertising to promote it, even to 1 yuan a click, if your keyword selection is very accurate, and the advertising page design is very reasonable, may only need no more than 20 clicks, it may bring a sales. Even in accordance with 20 clicks, a sales, you only need to 20 yuan, you can bring a sale. Of course, if you do a good job, you can achieve less clicks, you can bring a customer.

      which way to promote the high cost? That kind of promotion way more cost-effective?

      obviously, should be the effect of keyword advertising.

      why cheap advertising is not worthwhile, and expensive advertising is not worth it?

: because of their different conversion.

      for content online advertising in Adwords, although Google is displayed in accordance with the matching degree of advertising. But in China, the match is not high, and most of these ads are displayed on the site is a personal website. Personal sites are mostly entertainment, download and other sites. If your client is a commercial site, put this kind of advertising, conversion rate is very poor.

      at the same time, but also can effectively detect the conversion rate of each word, and then stop the conversion rate is not high key words, which can further enhance the promotion effect.

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