Chinese name for CNNC could stop individuals cannot register CN domain ban

Chinese name as the first batch of old domain virtual hosting service providers, in addition to providing services for more customers, also hope to be able to make the responsibility for the network construction of the China. Over the years, Chinese name as Chinese Internet development witness and practitioners, also cooperate in all actions CNNIC. Because the CNNIC as the important foundation facilities Chinese builders, the information society operation and managers, to lead the development of the Internet address, Chinese industry so CNNIC a domain name extension which allows no ground for blame, domestic domain more widespread open, let the Chinese people know more about the internet.

but the present situation of domestic domain name for a person of noble aspirations concerns, there are 2 main points, one is the CN domain name does not allow personal registration, this provision is implemented from December 2002, when China network has just started, China enterprise is not very understanding of the network, no awareness of the protection of domain name, like an ignorant the child, it is necessary to have an adult care and guidance, so as the environment at that time, this is consistent with the provisions of. However, to this day, this provision is serious and not the trend, and now the popularity of the domestic Internet can release all restrictions. Second, although the domestic domain name not allowed random person registered, but it does not consider the cybersquatting specialized institutions appeared, the emergence of these institutions, is completely contrary to the original domain universal principle, let a few people have a lot of domain name, according to the report, the 5 million 300 thousand CN domain name at least 30% the domain name page is domain name or domain name for sale, not really used, and most of them want to sell to the enterprise. It also makes the rich and rich domestic domain name becomes exhausted, so that the original intention of the original into a small number of structural means of profiteering.

so, in the final analysis, as the leading Chinese Internet, more should be more about the needs of the people, only to let every citizen have their own domain name, which is to comply with public opinion. Is the Chinese name and wish all the conscience of the service business together, and look forward to the relevant experts to study and demonstrate the implementation of the personal domain name open as soon as possible to stop the person cannot ban registration.

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