No cash flow and logistics community electricity supplier in Taiwan is how the fire up

Abstract: this wave of mobile community business boom in Taiwan, want to do is actually social heavyweights such as Facebook and Pinterest want to do: the concept of social networking providers. But there is no cash flow, there is no logistics of these social electricity supplier, where is the core competitiveness?

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Taiwan electricity market, also meet the" national seller "time" to discuss Taiwan in 2015 officially entered the era of mobile social commerce, this article analyzes the reason why there are so many "crossover operators" to join the community business market. In the end what is the status of the electricity supplier in their social ecosystem in Taiwan, the current electricity supplier market is able to accept such an amateur red network seller model?

social business model which


is probably this wave in the Taiwan business community APP the whole mode of operation is as follows: 1 mobile phone photo retouching; 2 edit text shelves; 3 collocation chat function within the APP and buyer bargaining or hand coordination. That is simple and convenient to get started quickly, with particular emphasis on the role of community sharing chat mode of mobile shopping, hoping to reach Pinterest that can browse all kinds of special commodities, by the praise and love to share, if you can ask the seller to buy the business community effect. This side can share personal favorites collection, but also the platform for the sale of goods, is the focus of this wave of wave of mobile commerce in Taiwan.

however, the most curious is why there are so many cross-border providers to join the electricity supplier war?

is currently mainly in Taiwan "cross industry" to represent the Taiwan music platform KKBOX KKTOWN, Singapore Garena game and Swapub Taiwan shrimp auction games orange. The common feature of these three companies are not doing electricity supplier started, but it is in their respective areas of social management for many years. So they cross into the community electricity supplier, in particular by other electrical business curiosity, why apprenticeship halfway start with the electricity supplier


electricity supplier in the social platform strategy is what


the reason why these cross-border electricity supplier industry strategy of other traditional power business are different, mainly because they don’t take on no fees, transaction fees, and do not sell advertising, not to mention what the business service platform of the third party.

but the electricity supplier has been a very important platform for capital investment, why are these people willing to spend money in this market?

from the author’s analysis speculated that these cross-border business, their goal may be to hope to be able to build and expand their original community ecosystem.

first, from their original business community, the community will find their target groups will still have the ceiling, for example: willing to pay to listen to music or the number of people love to play games, the number is one.

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