The payment itself is low profit but at the throat of the electricity supplier

Amazon last week announced the launch of a payment service. This is called the "Login and Pay with Amazon" service, allows the company in cooperation website embedded Amazon’s own login button and payment, consumers can use the Amazon account for consumption on other sites.

this product is not new at first glance, last year when Alipay launched fast payment, entrance in various businesses money fierce push Alipay landing. But if you hang up, there is within the universe.

payment is meager profit industry, Paypal trading volume of $about 100000000000, about 0.3% of the fee, only the profit margin of 20%, it can be imagined that the domestic payment companies rely on a fee of 0.03% is not easy. But this did not stop the enthusiasm of the electricity supplier giant to pay, foreign Amazon, domestic Jingdong have joined the payment of this business. Before Alipay and Taobao, Paypal and eBay reference model, in addition to what has already happened, marriage business tycoon and payment, again what


payment is a mobile accelerator

in 2012, said Liu Qiangdong’s acquisition of online banking online, hoping to be able to pay large enough to secure the phone, convenient, so that Jingdong can be comparable to the convenience store exists in the user’s buying habits. Jingdong in June this year anniversary, CMO Lanye announced the strategy and planning in the mobile business of the Jingdong, said the Jingdong will focus on three businesses: Master App, digital content market and local life services group purchase market, and published the three data: mobile end user number 60 million, 10%, 6%. The proportion of orders and orders accounted for.

but compared with Tmall and Alipay mobile pace, obviously behind Jingdong is not the same as once a year the tiny but adventitious quantity, double 11 big promotion, Alipay upgrade version 7.6, the scan code function to respond directly to WeChat paid the coveted O2O market. The Tmall official information, this year 11 covers many traditional brand stores, including Uniqlo, toysrus, Taiwan glasses, intime, Haier more than and 300 brand line 3 10000 stores, the user can scan the code offline, in 11 when the world single payment, offline delivery, try this year the Tmall O2O is also accused of an important weight beyond day 19 billion 100 million trading volume last year.

At the beginning of

, the media generally reported that Amazon push payment service is actually in response to Square, because square in 2012 completed a $10 billion transaction amount of breakthrough. Although the Loginand Pay with Amazon service industry that is to deal with the impact of the Paypal, but again understand however is that with the trading habits transferred from the PC to the mobile device, the mobile payment market is currently occupied by Square Amazon Ji >

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