Jingdong renamed lessons worth one hundred million

this weekend, the Internet has two major events, one is the IT summit in Shenzhen, a Jingdong renamed.

I think that the latter is more practical significance, it has a significant significance of Internet Co’s domain name strategy and the significance of guidance.

1, Jingdong should be renamed. This is a difficult decision: a strong brother in 9 years 360buy.com into jd.com, or a test of courage and determination, when you break, this point to the top.

said that this is a $one hundred million worth of lessons learned, not only the lessons learned by the Jingdong, but also a lesson for China’s internet. Jingdong and 360buy there is a huge user experience fault, a large number of Baidu transit. Liu Qiangdong also said that every year Jingdong mall needs to Baidu and other search engines to pay about 60 million yuan of traffic charges, the equivalent of Jingdong was a layer of skin".

at present, the domain name strategy is the first choice of Pinyin, to ensure the unity of Chinese and domain names, the purpose is not to allow users to think. Jingdong’s lesson is not the case, the Chinese Internet is basically the C2C model (copy to China), copy the United States, the domain name is also like to engage in mixed Chinese and english. Early, even to grab a good English for core competitiveness. For example, with the early domain name is homeway.com.cn, it sounds very domineering, spent a lot of money to advertise, or later for more direct Larry hexun.com.

Jingdong mall early domain name 360buy.com is the victim of the early domain name strategy, think more mainstream point in English, more international fan. Another website easy network domain name changed to 51buy.com, is to estimate the underlying Jingdong, to deceive.

on micro-blog made a pit father’s domain name survey, found a lot of guns.

@wukun: the most renamed is the housing. The front is Chinese, there is no h h from the south, the worst is behind English. Baidu had turned, worse than Jingdong." From the domain name is SouFun, in English mixture estimation is not buy spelling.

another is the United States, the domain name is gome. It is estimated that most people are not right, but also a large user experience fault.

In fact,

, a small domain, there are many factors need to be considered, such as ifeng.com, domain name ifeng.com, considering that it is out of Phoenix and bodiless, media properties, the name is very awesome, really called fenghuang.com but will be weak in many field.

joy, the 2 Metal Dog mascot of Jingdong, is a success and rival Tmall had a strong correlation, such as cats and dogs, after all the Tmall news, may also be linked to cats and dogs, is estimated to save a lot of.

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