Jingdong reduced CCTV advertising or to reduce marketing expenses

evening news May 6th, half a year ago Jingdong in the CCTV advertising tender will be on the ho throw 200 million, into the Internet industry "s". Not yet profitable from the electricity supplier liquor, financial enterprises with the tender will be grappling and, for a time the introduction of regret. Half a year later, the NetEase technology exclusively learned that the Jingdong has to give up part of the auction bid, Tsingtao Brewery took over. The low-key withdrawal standard, or to reduce marketing expenses, the preparation of IPO.

Internet "s" low-key withdrawal: Tsingtao Brewery took over

November 8, 2011, Oriental media center, CCTV 2012 annual gold resources bidding conference site, 360 enterprises lavish, won consecutive Olympic Games project "and" battlefield "London event navigation" exclusive naming rights. The "London report" naming rights for the amount of 129 million 990 thousand, than the base price premium of 254% events; "navigation" naming rights bid amount 100 million 990 thousand yuan, than the base price premium of 110%. After CCTV advertising center confirmed that the number 360 is the Jingdong Mall (Jingdong domain name 360Buy.com).

total amount of 231 million is what concept? This is close to the bidding of CCTV Olympic related advertising projects a total of 484 million yuan in half; according to a 2012 CCTV tender gold resources statistics Tomomi media consolidation, the Jingdong won the bid amount ranked fourteenth, behind Moutai, Xifeng and other wine enterprises, but also in the Internet industry this year "s".

loss more than the electricity supplier to win the championship, caused widespread media attention, then published by "the Jingdong 200 million yuan prize in CCTV, as the biggest dark horse" spread to watch the news.

recently, NetEase technology exclusively learned that the Jingdong a few months ago has given up part of the auction bid, Tsingtao Brewery took over. Jingdong marketing staff said, I heard the news". Jingdong and public relations director Li Jing said, the Jingdong commissioned by the advertising agency auction of CCTV advertising resources, the advertising agency companies bid for the business income of the project is not necessarily placards Jingdong, Jingdong 200 million yuan standard amount may be the media misreading. In addition, there is no change in advertising Jingdong auction.

is a perennial agent bidding business CCTV advertising industry that the above statement is not reasonable: "an advertising company can represent multiple clients for business, but each plate has uniqueness, an enterprise is a sign (number). If the advertising company agents of a number of business customers, there will be different people for different plate, may not happen".

of the advertising industry also frankly stated that the withdrawal is not the case. "Before bidding agency business will give certain authorization, and pay a part of agency fees; the completion of the tender, enterprise re evaluation, may not perform part of tenders, such as investment and more cost-effective in TV, he may give up the implementation of CCTV standard". In this case, the company will not pay the subsequent costs, the successful project by the advertising company to transfer, the initial payment of agency fees will not be returned

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