Jiang Yuncan Taobao is going to die in the winter of the nternet

when you see the title of this article, you can laugh, you can vomit, but can not believe, because you are a living person.

when you are a carrier, is a huge user platform, and the development of the market does not allow you to continue, what will you do?


today my topic will watch Taobao, because he’s famous? Or users? This is not. Is the policy to be introduced, the market is to change, the upcoming winter of the internet.

The fire of

e-commerce is growing more and more fierce in China, and the two years have been a strong e-commerce companies, they are engaged in a variety of products online sales business. It is not difficult to see from last year’s online sales figures by the end of December 2010, Chinese e-commerce market turnover of more than 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, an increase of 15.8%, the growth rate has slowed down the online retail market transactions reached $513 billion 100 million, an increase of 97.3%, compared with nearly doubled in 2009. Such a large volume, light Taobao accounted for 1/4 of the proportion, as can be imagined it was a great number, China such a big market, how many people do not want to from here a piece of foreign capital inflows continue? China market, many small domestic companies look good online sales market big. So whether it is business or individual will want to try to get some benefits from the internet. However, what kind of birds have a big forest, in 2010 the amount of Internet service complaints rose by 68.7%, the highest increase in the number of complaints of second. Such a large increase in the amount of complaints had to attract the attention of the relevant departments. The standardization of the Internet market, the introduction of policies and regulations has been greatly lagging behind and the development of e-commerce.

here to Yuncan Jiang statement today is not specifically to take Taobao said, is the development of electronic commerce in subsequent years that there will be a disadvantage for Taobao and Taobao sellers, it is not only a kind of think of myself, I also believe that the following two points will become the main reason:

first, the policy introduced

Taobao as the largest online trading platform, has a huge user base and a large number of transactions every day fund turnover, consumers every day there are a lot of money to online shopping, a batch of sellers from the beginning of two or three to run a small shop after two years have their own specialized companies, including staff training products and channels are doing very well, these shops transaction volume increase, in reality they are constantly to the company management transformation. This is a good phenomenon, but you need to know Chinese in existing legal personal transactions related to business transactions with the policy system is completely different, if the reality of personal business marketing also like to pay a management fee, companies do more to pay taxes to the state. As these businesses survive in the Taobao store policy in between, their sales continue to increase in the production.

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