We can get rid of inventory

Xin Yuanwei

Vintage that we really find a profitable and sustainable way.

vintage, literati e-commerce company CEO, under his command of all passengers in the past few years is very dangerous, after the ups and downs, which have idealistic passion, but a practical compromise.

in 2011, a loss of up to 600 million yuan every guest, was once questioned the threat will be on the verge of collapse. By the end of 2012, where the miracle of resurrection and declared: "the fourth quarter basic earnings." In addition, the old plan, "where the 2013 annual results for the full year profit growth of 50%, and."

according to iResearch released data show that in 2012, where the sales scale is 6 billion 540 million yuan, according to this calculation, we will be in 2013 achieved sales of 9 billion 810 million yuan scale. Although the ratio of every guest in the beginning of the development of the 2011 sales of 10 billion yuan in two years later. However, if we can really achieve the goal, we will go more stable and more solid.

all this may have come from the old "ruling" like determination and courage. In 2012, Chen chose to return, he abandoned household appliances, digital, department stores and other "attractive" high margin industry, back to their starting point — the apparel industry.

addition, more importantly, in the face of Chinese entire clothing industry and clothing business "Achilles heel" – inventory, 2012, where the customer through continuous cut prices to clear inventory. At present, where the stock dropped to almost zero, sold at a rate of 90%-95%. In 2011, where the stock was as high as 1 billion 445 million yuan, the high bad debt provision directly lead to serious losses of the company.

but at the beginning of the new year, we can avoid making the same mistakes, "traveling light" attitude, still need to wait and see. Among them, we can maintain the "zero inventory", is an important factor in determining the future of sustainable development.

it is reported that the first half of last year, including Anta, XTEP, 361, listed 42 domestic textile and apparel enterprises total inventory of up to 48 billion 300 million yuan. Although this group of data temporarily can not be accurately verified, however, inventory is a major factor restricting the rapid development of the garment industry has become a recognized phenomenon.

return to the "brand" of the customer, the problem of aging eyes, is not only a long-term solution to the traditional electricity supplier has serious long-term existence of the "heavy scale, light profit" is the need to overcome the disease, more common in garment industry "inventory" problem, to maintain the steady growth of profits.

February 27th, senior vice president Wang Chunhuan told reporters: "in 2013, Eslite VANCL will be walking on two legs." Two supply chain of the two legs is old recently proposed: one is the low cost, the basic clothing production of large-scale supply chain; the other is a fast supply chain based on a variety of small, fast fashion style clothing.

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