How to increase content exposure in QQ space

to do this from the media, we need is that we have a large exposure content, the ultimate result is to be able to get more new fans through our content. Each platform has its own play, so we do one thing when it is necessary to find more in this area to promote the channel, so that we can go more long-term longer.

personally, may I contact platform more, our micro-blog WeChat and QQ these are related to the space, so that for each channel has what method is not in-depth understanding, so just know a small part. For the QQ space, we have accumulated after a long summary and found that we can upload the empty album method can help us expand the exposure rate.

so what are some of the benefits of uploading photos to us,


first: increase the exposure rate of content

said we have to upload content to our QQ album can help us expand the content of the exposure rate, this may be a lot of people will not understand why, upload to the album and the common views about

will be different?

1 the number of people entering space

is the first, every day there will be a lot of people into our space to visit our friends, so that we talk about the album uploaded to our album, we can increase our exposure rate. When our friends into our space, we will definitely choose to click on the album view, this is our habit, I believe you also have this habit, we usually enter the space of the others is the first visit again to talk about, then click on the photo viewer. So we say that the photos uploaded to the appropriate photo album can greatly increase our exposure, so as to achieve the purpose of the growth of our fans through the forwarding of friends. Pictured:



The comparison of

2 and the general talking about browsing

we ordinary hair about just in our room, we talk about the picture is also in our talk or log inside, there is what we talk about in the ordinary hair can not achieve this picture in the corresponding with the pictures, so if we want to reach our album through exposure by this the way is impossible. In fact, we every day to go to space, these are our own experience we can see, when browsing space, we usually see the content or description to say this is good enough, then we will click into view, so these are all we need the content needs to be good enough to we can achieve the desired effect, if the content is not good, it will cause the amount we will reduce a lot of friends, because they will feel that there is no they want.

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