Programmer sell fruit juice is how to retain users

since November last year, I take a subway near a small warehouse, a cart as the starting point, began selling pomegranate juice in the IT area surrounding xi’erqi. From one day to push a cart, waiting for customers, until now, the store to carry out marketing activities and even borrow light applications, WeChat and other mobile Internet means to begin the so-called O2O Road, a year’s time, as an individual start of small entrepreneurs, from the code turned to sell the pomegranate juice brother, in this process, I learned a lot.

to solve the first problem: how to establish the trust between businesses and users

to achieve a good product sales in a region, the establishment of the user’s attention and trust business, has a vital role. In order to build an effective relationship chain, I do the following things.

1, on-site production: two a cup of pomegranate juice, no adulteration, genuine goods at a fair price

people call me pomegranate brother, but I give myself the brand name, but it is really". Not just to call it good, my juice is really very pure. The pomegranate juice for example, a small cup of pomegranate juice is squeezed out by three pomegranate, without adding any water, it has been with the most distinguished juice shop. A small cup of pomegranate juice has just sold 15 yuan. These operations are in the face of the customer to complete the scene. Therefore, the customer is very understanding of the whole process, but also have full confidence in the product. Products even higher than expected, mutual trust can be established.

2, additional services: door-to-door, good attitude, to send small benefits


, my ability of making and selling ability is limited, but the juice core user group in the total number of the region accounted for a relatively small; at the same time, the number of core users are repeat customers, so I am very easy and customers to establish the relationship between the relatively familiar. After the establishment of such a relationship, I will make a small adjustment from the original sale mode, every fixed time the customer to go find my car sale buy juice, into customers through the mobile Internet message, scheduled in advance, I send the juice at fixed time to a fixed location. This reduces the transaction costs between me and the customer.

in this link, if only the traditional mode of communication (such as telephone orders), in fact, is not the best way. Mobile Internet tools show great value.

The early

, I tried a personal micro signal communication, enhance the efficiency of many, also by WeChat group content, introduction of new products and update delivery information; then one day light application PM to buy fruit juice, referred to the application of light. I was the code farmers, heard last year light applications, try a little, using a small shop templates, but also to do a light application. After the promotion of two-dimensional code to open, there are a considerable number of users through the application of the light message orders, I unified management in the background, for distribution.


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