The development trend of digital marketing from the brand management department of P & G marketing d

July 1, 2014, Procter & Gamble (P& G) in Cincinnati announced that the marketing director (Marketing Director) renamed brand director (Brand Director), marketing (Marketing) also changed its name to brand management department (Brand Management). The news was a direct blow to my head: it was a landmark decision, although he was forced by the times.

news said, the new brand building will be composed of four areas of business: Brand Management (formerly: Marketing); Consumer and Knowledge Marketing; Communications; and Design. Brand director will have a broader responsibility and vision at the organizational level. This is done in order to make the brand more clearly defined in the strategic, planning, and the results of the program, by simplifying the structure of the Department, improve the efficiency of decision-making, so as to save more time for creativity and execution. "


(i2mago/ image ads) focus in the field of digital marketing, from the beginning of 2007 and later extended to Nestle cooperation with Procter & Gamble, Vinda, COFCO, Zhou Dafu, etc.. The digital domain is central to change, as the process of change of the witnesses, naturally every word just appreciate in the message, the shining light and pain.

the news that a new era of digital marketing. We call it the "full contact point pleasure experience design / Delight Experience for Full Touch Points" era.

if you’re interested in the transformation of the sequence of events, please stop with me back in 1999.

first act: progressive to disruptive change

when production relations (organization and operation) hinder the development of productive forces (business and demand), production relations will change. Procter & Gamble this uncle’s greatness lies in always self change, so as to avoid being leather.

is a classic brand marketing and communication theory of interactive marketing

China from 1999 to Procter & Gamble signs to safeguard brand website construction began OCS, the establishment of a digital marketing around 2000 (Digital Marketing) digital marketing brand Department unified management and China incubation area, then spent nearly 6 years to prove two things: 1) digital marketing is useful; 2) the brand’s official website (Brand Site) and online promotion (Online Campaign) can effectively help the brand communication and membership database construction. Funny, it’s funny. But in these 6 years, let >

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