We invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value

on the Internet, there are 2 popular stars. One is as individual as Han Han, a group of customers. "Han Han and the mainstream of the distance to a proper extent" blog comments blossom everywhere, every guest CPS advertising is captured from the portal Sina to vertical website corner. VANCL (Eslite) how to persuade Han Han brand endorsements, VANCL invited Han Han endorsement of the network popularization value and where.

endorsement: Han Han’s bad money PK VANCL not bad money?

network marketing training expert pointed out that every guest as the Internet upstart praised the "subversion" concept, Han Han himself was hailed as a pioneer in the Internet era. Eric Han Han, the two sides mutual choice embodies are attracted to each other the civilian consciousness and spirit of subversion. According to media reports, VANCL founder and CEO Chen even publicly praised Han Han and Han Han April 13th; also flew to Beijing visit the headquarters company called VANCL, aging, high spirits, Han Han agree on where the idea, from the bottom of my heart. Han Han can speak VANCL, there must be a lot of coincidence, but also a lot of opportunities.

, however, is said to invite Han Han and VANCL’s dual endorsement fee of more than 10 million, so even if a ten percent off and then split equally, but also a lot of money in the income of the. Han Han in its Sina blog announcement alone does not mention the endorsement, and coincides with its new magazine independent group requires a cost of operation, many coincidences contributed to the two-way choice of Han Han VANCL.

we can say that this selection includes Han Han’s money and VANCL is not bad money, but only bad money and not bad money, but does not set up such a heaven-made match.

road in the same phase: famous enterprises and celebrity endorsement of the famous enterprises

where so many traditional clothing enterprises "guts", Han Han also makes many traditional "guard" would curb its throat, play their proper role pattern, subvert their adhering, let all the impossible becomes possible.

here Bowen said there is VC investment enterprises, or more is frivolous. We always restless, don’t play by the rules, let imitators in disarray, but also to the Internet industry as this often Zoupian Jian Feng garment B2C enterprise deeply touched the north, but this does not hinder customer visibility, on the contrary, than the enterprise where the customer is too observant of conventional standards., reputation.

network marketing training courses mentioned, VANCL is undoubtedly the Internet e-commerce star enterprise, adhere to the CPS advertising firm, Internet lifestyle brand concept, solid high quality and inexpensive constantly improve the quality of honesty, customer service user experience, to win over the white collar users, sales rose steadily, and fun Internet marketing, what micro-blog, blog, forum, beauty, embodies the carefully designed inadvertently, a generation of famous enterprises, woven into practice.

accidentally read a text, very interesting, extract the number of sentence for seventeen years: (Han Han), is a university name >

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