How to do a good job in plastic hospital network marketing

hospital network marketing is to win more benefits for the hospital, this is no ground for blame, but to do this we need to do two specific aspects: 1, improve hospital network brand influence; 2, improve medical professional information related to the search engine exposure rate.

to attract patients as the center, in order to win the hospital network market as the goal, around the hospital network resources to carry out a systematic integrated network marketing project. Hospital network marketing will need advanced mode of core technology and market network optimization operation reasonable combined into one, will eventually be network market into real brand market, so as to improve hospital brand, enhance the level of hospital services, and ultimately increase the hospital profit.

the most common way to improve the network brand influence of Chongqing in the past is in the local television, newspapers, magazines, advertising. Personally feel that this line and the promotion of the combination of the brand, do a good job in the promotion of the brand, the hospital brand information search engine promotion is also very important. Such brand words can be: XX plastic hospital, XX best plastic surgery hospital, etc.. As a result of the promotion of the hospital brand has just come in contact with, so in the next.

Network promotion method

specific, as the hospital’s own circumstances, take what I have done in plastic surgery, of course, to do the network, it would have to pay, like some necessary advertising, we must put in, for example:

1 search engine bidding. Of course, this is not each search engine to do, we choose the number of users, but also to meet some users accustomed to search engine, Baidu, Google, soso, the three search engines have to be done, of course, do PPC advertising, but also have certain skills and experience, not everyone is able to do so. Have special services. Some companies tend to think well, do a competitive ranking, but not to maintain and track, the effect is not good.

2 portal advertising. According to different regional differences, of course, some web portals, the heat is not the same, here for some sites in Chongqing as examples, such as large Chongqing net net net, the morning, orange door apartment layout website advertising, and some website forum some target users are relatively concentrated, I am a cosmetic, so I should be the majority of consumers are women, I can find sites like shopping, mother network women gather of hard and soft advertising text ads.

3 classified information website cooperation. Some classified information website, such as, the 58 city network, such as word of mouth, is the information the comparison of several several classification information website. Cooperation can be considered properly.

4 advertising alliance. Such as Baidu alliance, Google advertising, accurate delivery, to achieve an increase in traffic, the increase in the number of visitors.

here is the way to pay for advertising, then part of the site optimization promotion includes:

1 website keyword analysis. >

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