Micro blog marketing gas Give up it will lose the marketing opportunity

micro-blog’s road of development in China, almost no set number, although there was a celebrity that micro-blog is a gas product, we do not deny that this is the first sentence, but it is still as a boutique and the existence of. Today, micro-blog is a large number of users scale down, the user rate is declining, and really can not be compared, the gap is large, but micro-blog is old-fashioned but not outdated. Micro-blog marketing still bujiandangnian treasures, or have too many resources, in recent years, the popularity is indeed declined, but does not affect the effectiveness of marketing micro-blog and micro-blog, and micro-blog marketing advantages is still full of glory. Do micro-blog marketing is the perfect combination of the advantages of micro-blog marketing activities of its own, seamless docking to the maximum value of micro-blog marketing, the analysis focuses on how the two will be made one.

one, micro-blog or a synonym for normalization. Although many things are new things to replace, but with the development of micro-blog for many years, but the micro-blog as the definition of "regular army" of the hat has not changed, is still active in formal occasions. Micro-blog is usually used to be a unit as a platform for news or announcement, but also officially announced the window. It is very difficult to replace other platforms, micro-blog marketing is to use the characteristic of micro-blog, positive publicity and guidance, its role is immeasurable, it is advantageous to set up its own brand and positive image, and applied on the propagation velocity and influence, should instantly be extended, for example this learning how micro-blog millet the future of marketing. "There are a lot of standardization" contents, propaganda also has customer service and service, customer service and so on, and they are now operating the computer tutor value is the micro-blog marketing professional, in a word, to make good use of the micro-blog brand image, because this is a positive image of a star effect also, can be said to be a positive energy.

second, micro-blog is still down to earth mouthpiece. Micro-blog itself is a very casual communication and resource sharing platform for content, lock said must conform to the public opinion, because this is down to earth, this is the free choice on micro-blog decided that it is because everyone can frankly speaking. WeChat marketing can be assured by using this characteristic, in the propaganda content without form, without pattern, without model constraints and influence, in marketing is more flexible, and can greatly improve the efficiency of the marketing. Everyone is from the media of the Internet era, embodies a unique culture of micro-blog, micro-blog’s marketing ability has a single day alone thick, down to earth is likely to be accepted, to achieve the effect of promotion, without taboo lead to not open my fist. Micro-blog’s marketing model has a lot of room for development, effective combination of marketing activities can continue to enlarge.

3, convenience or unique. Compared to other products, the use of micro-blog’s technical requirements are very low, very convenient operation, which is the biggest feature of micro-blog. This makes micro-blog’s distribution

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