There is no brand talk about marketing branding from Wikipedia entry

first-class enterprises to do the brand, which has been operating consensus. But the brand weak, is a public enterprise management nightmare, in competition in the Red Sea to the meager profits difficult to continue. Baldgood pilotage business for many years also deep feelings, all throughout the market competition, after all is the brand and human resources competition. Lack of brand awareness of the enterprises in the minority, for a strong brand while in the company more. The Internet just in time to open the door through the official website, set up administrative micro-blog opening, brand promotion and other practices, a strong brand is at hand. Today, we start from a category of network marketing, analysis and discussion of the important role of marketing in brand building.


relies on search naturally high weight

is now more well-known Encyclopedia Wikipedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia, 360 encyclopedia, Sogou encyclopedia, etc., more than half of the encyclopedia are built on the basis of search engines. At least for now, the search engine is still one of the main ways for users to get information, which provides a great opportunity to brand shaping. Because you no matter what keywords search, search engine product weight is higher, ranking is also more forward. Not only the accurate search Wikipedia entries of top, such as Baidu intimate (360 Sogou search and have similar experiences, products) to search for a product or brand name, is on the left show enterprises, brand related products, icons, greatly improving the brand exposure.

from rigorous authority

has done the Encyclopedia of network marketing staff, we know that the audit is very strict encyclopedia, may not be difficult to pass. It is also because of this, the higher gold content marketing encyclopedia. Plus the encyclopedia itself for plain language is concise, objective, relevant information needed to provide authoritative media sources of evidence, authoritative Encyclopedia has been praised by many users and trust. Not only Baidu, 360 search and search engines and other search engines themselves, some of the information media on the third party encyclopedia is also particularly valued. For example, today’s headlines, a little news and other news client, in the search for the company name and brand keywords, but also cited Wikipedia entries. Encyclopedia of authority, which can be seen.

illustrated one easily spread

encyclopedia structure layer is clear, layout is very rich. Not only can be illustrated, you can call the map, insert video, tables etc., can also through the chain, let each link between different entries. This not only enriches the readability of the encyclopedia, but also very easy to spread the spread of. Some Wikipedia also launched a paid product, you can add links to the official website, you can mark the phone service, etc., coupled with the authority of the Encyclopedia of the product itself and high weight, easy brand shaping. Especially for multi product and multi brand enterprises, if the application of Wikipedia properly, with a variety of marketing methods, can greatly enhance the effectiveness of auxiliary marketing transformation.

in the process of shaping the brand marketing, Wikipedia is a typical leveraging behavior, but not for the attention of many enterprises.

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