The new world lost the book content entrepreneurs do not take the initiative to play the role of the

Zhang Wei, founder of

‘s new era, said in an interview with the new list that he was a particularly emotional person. But from "four hours to flee North Canton" to "when one hour drama actress" to today’s "Lost Book War", a Shuabing event marketing have proved that the manipulation of the emotion, he is a veteran.

he understood his readers to what kind of content, so whether it is a public number in the world, the new library or co branded do event marketing, he can do fast.

"the most annoying me now is called young artists, this kind of talent ah ah. In fact, the material life is very important to me, even beyond the spiritual life." This is Zhang Wei in an interview with some of the complaints, combined with the re open after the frequent hard wide, event marketing, TOP Jun once thought it was a home media advertising agency.


but yesterday’s article has shaken our childish idea before you. Although the article also broke the 100 thousand +, but compared with the previous evaluation, half of the flame half of the water, the polarization is much more serious. And the new phase of the advertising agency as a result of the defect is no doubt exposed


has always been good to control the reader thinking, play it too self! Made the following Marketing Taboo:

creative Plagiarism: Thank you for your creativity, I took the

Everyone must understand

, creative new die world lost book of operation (Chao) (XI) is simulated at the beginning of November by Hermione in the "Harry Potter" actor Elmar · Watson and the British charity organization "Books on the underground" of the London Underground lost book event.


(Elmar lost book event dissemination picture)

although the new world lost the book out of the subway, and the contracted, the number of books from the 100 doubled to 10000, also joined the fashionable elements of social sharing, but it is in fact Elmar creative maternal lost book event.

in order to avoid being criticized for malicious plagiarism, the new world in the article specifically stated "we and Emma participate in the London subway reading action director Cordelia Oxley, expressed their gratitude to their ideas, and get her support".

"express their gratitude to their creativity", think of the creative thinking of neurasthenia advertisers who read this sentence should paste the new world phase. This is not a shame to pretend to be more polite marketing circles.

imitate even, although it is called this with the public nature of the book to share, but we all know that this is a new world new world in the co branding their May just on the line of the library.

new world phase diagram

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