Talk about grassroots webmaster have to learn the Forum promotion method


Forum promotion as a main way of promotion, more and more growth in the development of Internet, network forum now has a lot to learn some good beyond count, if the Forum promotion methods, are relatively favorable to their own website. So what is the forum to promote it, the forum to promote a simple point, that is, the use of the forum of the media, to publish their own information, including text, illustrations, contact information, etc.. In the end how to do a good job in the forum to promote it?

there are some people, when BBS promotion, do not know how to approach, enter the forum, immediately registered to send advertising, this kind of person is the owner of the most hate to see, directly put your network address and account is disabled, there are some people, a little better, at least know the text out but, you also write this soft too, advertising too obvious, directly to you removed from the forum. This is not to know how to promote the way, blindly brute force promotion, the final time is wasted, the purpose of promotion is not achieved.

In fact,

, BBS promotion is a very simple thing, to register an account, more exchanges, more contact with the moderator, what all do Lianshu, Chinese is a matter of face, after you and the moderator familiar, say hello, send a few soft not what is long for you keep down. In the BBS promotion must pay attention to these points: 1 registered best is registered with Chinese, because most of Chinese cannot read English, you take a Chinese name easier to remember is not off, a gorgeous name is not really good.

also head is also an important issue, even if others can’t remember your name, can you remember the picture is a good thing, you can take your web site published in the head, shoot two hawks with one arrow. Time permitting, go to the new sofa, do some positive response, time is long, who do not know you. Can be compared in the forum is to help some people, some people in the forum for help, you can find some of your will, or relatively simple to help others, even if he does not matter, on the search engine, the answer comes out.

and the most important is the importance of personal signature, basically the forum will require you to set character signature, do not underestimate this signature, you can leave your site information in the signature inside. So, you don’t need to post, send advertising, there are so many people know your site, you know the website, what you do not want to do. There is a forum to promote the key, the column and the soft is soft hair quality, soft quality is good, the more similar columns better, so the moderator will not delete your post, you have more people to watch. You sent to the post and no relationship between the place, the main version does not delete, not a few people to see.

want to go to the forum for a good promotion, these methods and ways you have to learn, do not blindly >

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