Business platform Usermind 14 million 500 thousand B round of financing

DevOps have you heard more, BizOps seems a bit strange? In fact, with the development and operation of stresses developed in close cooperation and operation team back similar to BizOps (business) closely also stressed that the marketing, sales and service, financial and other front-end team. Today, BizOps is designed to provide a platform to support the start-up company Usermind announced the acquisition of $14 million 500 thousand B round of financing, which is the secret of the company had previously opened the first model.


Usermind is a provider of automated business operations integrated services start-up company, founded in 2013, headquartered in Seattle, currently employs 30 people. The SaaS service can connect isolated financial, marketing, sales, service and other business departments and human data or departments application silos, automation of business operations, and business data into business insight.

from a technical point of view, Usermind is the use of enterprise application integration (EAI). This technology is not new, such as a dialogue with each other so that applications can be Tibco, SaaS, SOA and API flagship integrated MuleSoft, but Usermind is in the application layer and the integration of the front-end, the software platform can be used in the construction of the complex between workflow automation, make possible collaboration between departments.

this round of financing led by Menlo Ventures investment, the original investor A16Z and CRV with the vote. Plus 3 years ago, A16Z collar investment of $7 million 600 thousand A round, so far the total amount of the company’s financing has reached $22 million 100 thousand. The proceeds of this round of financing will be used to enhance sales and marketing forces and continue product development.

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