Mango TV announced the completion of nearly 1 billion 500 million B round of financing

sina science and technology news June 23rd news, mango TV recently completed B round of financing, raising funds of nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan, after the market valuation of the investment has been as high as $13 billion 500 million. June 2015 after the completion of the A round of financing platform investment valuation reached 7 billion yuan, after a lapse of one year, mango TV valuation nearly doubled.

it is understood that mango TV 2014 revenue of 80 million in 2015 was $1 billion. At present, the number of users of TV PC terminal, mobile terminal, OTT terminal, etc., was a few times the growth of the website when the monthly variety show effective playback, the length of the day when the length of the first day of each video site.

previously, mango TV layout overseas markets, and YouTube cooperation in overseas content operations, programs covering 241 countries and regions worldwide. Currently, mango TV subscribers in the main channel of 1 million 240 thousand YouTube.

mango TV said that this round of financing will be beneficial to solve the problems such as capital, talents, and will bring a multi screen cloud began to expand the field of hardware, OS. (Gao Honghao)

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