Baidu network alliance and Google Web promotion effect evaluation

competitive advertising is an effective means of brand promotion and sales, the promotion of the direct impact on the effectiveness of sales, in the successful operation of the enterprise plays a pivotal role. Recently, some companies generally reflect the intention of customers to reduce, an important reason is that the effect of network promotion is not good. Baidu and Google have launched a new advertising auction similar web promotion form, whether the two search engine giant can bring us much promotion effect or that can bring much profit?

on this issue, do a comparative assessment of Baidu and Google to promote the effect of web promotion. Baidu’s cycle is 6 days, Google for the 4 days.

Statistical data from Baidu

can see this six days for a total of 464 clicks, click on the average cost of 0.30 yuan, the total cost of 139 yuan for web promotion. In general, the number of clicks is very much, because we choose the more popular words, the average price is not high, from Baidu’s data, web promotion effect is still considerable. But is it true that with the help of the third party monitoring system we can do more detailed data analysis (third party data monitoring by ADPower traffic statistics provided by

from ADPower channel analysis statistics can clearly see the number, click on the Baidu network access number, arrive with Baidu statistics with little error. Average cost per click 139/491=0.28. Look at the transformation and the number of low income, to the eye popping point. Baidu Wangmeng promotion, to improve the site traffic and traffic is a good choice, but for the electronic commerce website to register or recharge and customer transactions as the main purpose is to bring bad effect, the conversion rate is very low.

in Baidu called Wangmeng promotion, called in Google Content alliance. In fact, these two forms are similar in my opinion. Google Content Alliance to do four days of monitoring, data provided by the Google Content Alliance, click a total of 188 times, the average click cost of $1.58, the total cost of $297.62. Compared with the Baidu Google keyword web promotion, the price will be slightly higher, statistical time less than the Baidu two days, from the number of clicks, click as Baidu google. Further compare the situation of transformation and profitability.

from the ADPower website statistics, the actual arrival amount 139 times and Google hits 188 times, reached the amount of error ((188-139) /139) *100%=35%, the average cost per click 297.62/139=2.14, the actual arrival compared with Baidu Google will have a little deviation with the keyword clicks, slightly higher prices that caused will on average price is much higher than Baidu. What is the actual promotion effect? We look at the situation of transformation and revenue data

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