A recent Baidu news and car summary promotion methods

I do "love" has also done a few months time, more and more websites, also want to do more and more difficult. I recently heard many webmaster said Baidu crazy, all the webmaster to see the dead and then only think of other ways to promote, do not know how to do in the website optimization. Now individuals are doing stand, companies have begun to do stand. The individual has no money, companies only do Baidu promotion in order to achieve results.

car to summarize the

changes Baidu recently

first Baidu on the old station has some higher weight, last year Baidu on some old station to the card, this part of the old station put out, to a certain ranking

second Baidu to the weight of the better of domain name and directory.

third Baidu often change the title and keywords, description and structure of the station card. So now generally a one-time best not to change.

fourth Baidu on the site’s content is generally included in the original and pseudo original mostly included, generally included, posted the information of others more than the anti child sometimes included.

fifth Baidu on the one-way links like, if the weight of each link will be a little lower.

sixth web site links are now more and more important.

seventh Baidu users do not like the price of the game, to natural rankings.

car website summarizes some promotion scheme

To make up before the first

website: website domain name, title, keywords and keyword density, structure, method and plan how to publicize the website channel.

second to do the site’s current situation and development plan, but also to plan for the future development of your site.

third analysis of the competitor’s website this is very important. Because know someone else’s Web site to make their own website can get better natural ranking

fourth do a long time, the content of the website updated continuously (updated periodically) and do some links.

analysis of my love of

Analysis of

first key. I had to do just want to put the most popular keywords row better. But too popular keywords is very difficult, not only from the content and structure, and optimize the chain and site of the time to start, many of the natural ranking algorithm to start, because I am doing is the enterprise electronic commerce station, so I did it to me more popular keyword for product correlation the title, keyword and description. Not popular on the long tail keywords. Then the popular keywords I do a subdirectory structure. Because my station is not large so I use the sub directory, and there is no polar domain.

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