Cosmetics electricity supplier case WeChat marketing how to create 10% orders


before a seller in WeChat friend told me he every day from WeChat fans brought a lot of orders, I was sceptical, chatted, advised him to write out the experience for everyone to share. The following is his experience to share, in addition to finally add my advertisement, the other did not change. Internet is good, share!

WeChat public platform launched in August 17th last year, I began to pay attention to this new thing. With my 8 years of experience in the Internet, it will be a great marketing tool and interactive platform. At the end of August, WeChat opened a public brand name for the name of the.

, we have QQ, two-dimensional code associated with the WeChat public number and micro signal on the official website, Taobao store, micro-blog official, a week later extended to product manuals, posters, leaflets, product packaging, and printed a number of stickers, for every buyer sent on the box with WeChat two-dimensional code and QQ. Peak time, we have more than and 500 orders a day, a few times a day when dozens of orders, every day there are about a dozen people concerned.

boss think pink rose is too slow, so I continuously planned two, attention to the activities of the prize, after giving attention to the trial, because we do cosmetics, this can increase the user experience, potential buyers, and can collect user information, a breakdown of the skin, including age, gender, mobile phone No. including data, we put it under the skin of the packet, convenient targeted services and marketing. Two prize activities include sending trial installation charges, a total cost of four thousand yuan, Lailiangqianduo to attract fans.

we started a hair every day and skin care related information, soon finds out that this frequency is too high, easy to fly, then we adjusted for every two or three days, and with the hair shop promotion below with the form of graphic and text content below the promotion information to add the corresponding source Taobao baby link.

I am very clear that the core of WeChat marketing is interactive and fan activity, rather than the number of fans.

how to improve activity and interaction volume we do four types of activities:

1 to collect feedback from fans, listed options, allowing users to choose, and do a good job classification, according to different groups to send different content.

2 from time to time to engage in a little taste test activities, try to associate the sign and skin care, because the girls of natural constellation mania, the user submits the option, information terminal automatic reply with store promotions, too.

3 make

quiz activities, is the correct answer as a topic keyword, and users need to answer the questions, you need to understand our website above information, in order to deepen the understanding of our brand fans. At the same time, but also to get a prize to the sun on micro-blog, we help it forward, after all, micro-blog has tens of thousands of fans, users are very happy.


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