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Chinese summed up some experience things with love "," ax "is not what special way, the three tricks, seemingly modest expression, but not every ax is" lore". Blog marketing "three board axe" in where? Through the investigation and analysis of the blog user behavior, we can successfully find the blog marketing".

just a greeting, there will be hundreds of thousands of users click view, which is common in the blog world, as long as the fans enough. Many believe in "marketing is communication" marketing people, blog is a marketing bonanza. But as consumer behavior research on the importance of marketing, the behavior of users in the blog on the success or failure of the blog marketing. The lack of in-depth analysis of the behavior of blog users in-depth marketing, but also a considerable number of advertisers on the blog marketing to take a wait-and-see attitude of the important reasons.

can confirm that the blog has become a special form of media, rather than just record personal life tools, according to the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the "2006 Chinese Blog Report", 2006, Internet users registered blog space to reach 33 million, more than 60% users want through the blog "to express their views, while only 17.8% of users said that" do not want too many people to see their own blog". According to iResearch survey to provide successful marketing survey data show that 64% of users in the blog to know when someone will focus on the power to insist on.

for the blog crowd, mainly for education groups and white-collar groups, the age of less than the average Internet users, education is higher than the average Internet users. Both the author and the reader, are more influential than ordinary Internet users and income, which has a higher value of marketing communication.

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blog circle, the autonomy of the content selection, and the rejection of advertising, will make many people on the marketing blog marketing value of doubt, and through the analysis of blog user behavior quantization, we can successfully find the blog marketing "sanbanfu".

is the first resort: content marketing

blog users are most concerned about what the nature of the content? According to iResearch survey data, the blog users pay attention to "life" and "entertainment" content, which focus on "perceptual life" content of most users, there are 72.8% aspects of this blog, the second is "recreation", the degree of concern for 43.4%; "computer technology", "news so, history and philosophy", "education", "Internet related technologies and Applications" and "IT industry" proportion is relatively close, the attention was 36.8%, 33.6%, 30.7%, 30.3% and 28.6%; "business finance" and "life" with less attention than, respectively 19% and 18%. At the same time, blog users in the blog

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