Reflections on the relationship between culture and marketing

is the culture decided to marketing or marketing decisions culture this is the question I have been thinking about, I can say that we are now marketing era, of course, it can be said that the Internet era, which is right. The Internet era is the era background, marketing is a form, it is not the same as the name of the starting point.

history is actually very similar, almost one hundred years ago, the United States, have experienced this time, 20s is the last century in modern American history known as the era of great prosperity, is also known as the era of marketing, in the era of U.S. President Coolidge once famously said: do not do the president advertising. That sentence has inspired a number of advertising marketing, until now many of our advertising marketing people often take this sentence to motivate themselves.

if you know of that era, many events we carefully compare these two times, and how the acquaintance, a variety of hot events, the overwhelming media chase. What is the overwhelming media created hot events, or hot events triggered a massive media coverage? Of course, from social psychology, communication and so on, we can find a standard answer. Here, I would not do to answer, just like the two times under the background of simple exposition.

the beginning of the era of the great prosperity of the United States is precisely the background after the end of the war, not long ago, we are now the background of this era is the popularity of the internet. A media war is the core idea of the state, is a whole; before the Internet era began, our media has certain background restrictions; that is to say the two times before the start of a period of time, the spread is top-down, information leakage is down.

after the war ended, the individual consciousness, the focus back to the commercial economy, the core of modern commercial economy is around the consumer, so its service object is a departure from the consumer demand, the focus of information preferences began to seize the customers in favor of the consumer, to seize the market has become a consensus of marketing people. But what does the customer need? How can we seize the customer’s psychology? This is an eternal topic, but also in the commercial era plagued generation after generation of marketing problems.

but if we change the point of view, out of marketing thinking, perhaps we will have a new vision. Here, I am not from the market point of view, I am from the cultural point of view of this topic. What is the culture of marketing, or the creation of culture, or the destruction of culture, marketing and cultural interaction in the play is what kind of role?

in fact, there are three components of marketing. Do culture, marketing is the initial stage of development, this time for consumers, marketing around the consumers, for consumers, the choice is limited, the limited choice let consumers have their own information on processing time and space, this time marketing will have to adapt to consumer cultural psychology. To do is culture; but in the second stage, that is I >

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