Xie Hongzhong cloud chips worth Sike investment and financing services will eventually be the trilli

Abstract: since May 2014 on the line, the cloud has been raised to raise three rounds of financing, the cloud is also nearly 10 times the valuation of the year. Asked about the secret of successful financing, Xie Hongzhong said with a smile, he is right about the cloud to raise the logic of the product three words touched the investor.


record industry, engaged in business services, as a listed company executives, as co-founder, do angel investment, he said, he will raise the cloud past all on a line; took a few financing, also holds the money voted for the project, he said, is more difficult than for the project change; Chinese securities Association of the first batch of eight to raise the public member of the Guangdong Province, the first batch of 11 equity raised one of the pilot, he said, we firmly follow the policy, do not step on the red line; the first systematic raise after management, the first to support online payment, the first company to develop venture investment risk control model of the Internet, he said the cloud chip mission is standardization of investment and financing services, rather than doing intermediary; more than and 100 cooperation led institutions, gathered nearly 30 thousand investors, more than 1 people had 82% investment behavior, the success of the project to raise funds, investors in the cloud chips Average dynamic yield of 89%, the first in the industry…… An ocean of water, a bank of flames, walking between, it believes that the Internet investment and financing services (equity congregation raised) trillion market era will eventually come.

cloud to raise the investment and financing platform, bringing together all of his past

"everything you do now will be a line in the future.".

this is Jobs, Xie Hong deep thought.

at the beginning of 90s, he bought the "phoenix" 205 head up camera, hanging a "spring sound photography" wood, with a few photos, in the university school gate started the first venture. When does this business Xie Hongzhong idea is very simple, "this thing can make money, just the technology, I have time and interest";

in 1992, graduated from the University of Xie Hongzhong is catching up with the countries encourage the establishment of the third industry in the first wave of computer information processing by computer quietly to Xie Hongzhong, saw some institutions eager to find the "three" project brings business opportunities, began to help agencies and township docking of three production projects, the eastern coastal the three projects to the mainland, to become the "first generation" China business service;

1995, he ran to Shenzhen. After ten years, he deep IT and the Internet industry, made the chief information of Taiwan funded enterprises, as a listed company CIO, managing a team of hundreds of people, the development of manufacturing industry with the international advanced level of tracking system, won the Zhejiang huaruihe IDG investment, and in excellent CIO, MBA elite figure IPMP, SAP, expert in numerous title, he is the most recognized Internet product manager;

2011, he again independent entrepreneurship, founder of the "bridge", the so-called "bridge, no >

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