Gu Yongqiang think Alexa data is rubbish


technology – the afternoon of March 10th, the video site CEO Gu Yongqiang in media communication today that Alexa data is rubbish, Alexa type tool monitoring mode error rate is too high, not by youku.

hope that the next ten years, China’s Internet statistics are more transparent and open, to fight for the separation of some do not fly the argument, with more accurate data." Gu Yongqiang said.

he pointed out that way too much for cheating, Alexa type tool monitoring mode can not be trusted, he said "Alexa data does not need to see it, although we are among the best in a lot of data from the Alexa, but I think it is rubbish."

Gu Yongqiang believes that the total number of sites in each page embedded detection code for full flow monitoring of the total station detection method is the most reliable, the error is only 5%. The error of the sample survey is more than 20%, and the detection error of the tool is as high as 100%.

authoritative survey report shows that Youku development soon, the future will be the main competitors potatoes." Gu Yongqiang said.

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