Adsense network broadcast Lenovo to lay off 3200 people Ali almost fell off a Suning almost two days

1 look at the page about 20 years ago, you will understand the speed of the development of the Internet  

20 years ago, active on the Internet users about 10 million of these people to the Internet may have paid a very high cost, but enjoy the service is very general, because 20 years ago those website is really too simple.

in order to give you an intuitive feel the Internet just started the website look, I put some technology companies, government agencies and media companies 20 years ago and website screenshot screenshot of the website now spliced together. Then we will feel what is called simple.

2 SkyDrive frequently checked, is behind the contradiction between   illegal "and" demand ";

SkyDrive checked, reflects the contradiction between the illegal, the porn industry chain and just need, just need not completely kill the SkyDrive disappeared without any cause or reason, nature can solve the problem, but this is only a temporary solution, I am afraid it is difficult to avoid out of other channels, continue to spread.

in the "Chaoyang people" Tencent Inc report, 360 SkyDrive checked, also suffer more than 360, this time, LETV cloud, SkyDrive, HUAWEI, cool disk 115 SkyDrive, UC SkyDrive, fast thunder disc and a large number of enterprises have been interviewed by SkyDrive, SkyDrive and other companies also fast thunder disc is impose administrative penalties. For a time, SkyDrive became the "focus on pornography focus. In August last year, Baidu had a precedent, Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps issued a rectification notice to Baidu, Baidu has also been carried out rectification.

3 earnings is not satisfactory, Lenovo to lay off 3200 people  

August 13th morning, Lenovo Group announced the first quarter of fiscal year 2015/16 unaudited earnings, the group’s Total Revenue $10 billion 700 million (about 68 billion 300 million yuan), an increase of 3%; net profit attributable to shareholders of $105 million (about 670 million yuan), down 51%.

affected by the downturn in the global PC market, Lenovo’s global PC sales fell 7% to $13 million 500 thousand, the market fell by 13%. Through better execution strategy, Lenovo’s share of the global PC market rose 1.3 percentage points to a record high of 20.6%, widening the gap between the market and the second. Lenovo’s PC sales fell 7% year on year, the market fell by more than 10%. PC business group revenues of $7 billion 282 million, accounting for Lenovo Group’s overall revenue of about 68%, down by 13%. Excluding the impact of exchange rate factors, revenue decreased by approximately 5% over the same period last year.


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