The acquisition of the industry website devil or angel

in the 2007 industry Web site summit, Sun Deliang and Guo Fansheng also expressed the desire to cooperate with the industry website. As another B2B site Zuozhen chiefs, Alibaba listing is expected in the year. Industry insiders have speculated that the Alibaba in quanqian future is likely to start the acquisition of large-scale industry website. Based on this, some industry websites began to wait for the right price to sell, sold to Alibaba? China Chemical Network? Or HC? This is a choice of industry website. But for the upcoming launch of the three sites, but it is a discussion topic.

on a certain industry website, whether it is practical or retreat, sustained exponential growth is not possible. That’s why venture capital is not interested in it. China chemical network also can not escape this fate, so he will increase his plate by lateral expansion. From this perspective, Hi2000 listed the development of fatigue completely unmasked industry website. At the meeting, Sun Deliang dished out an olive branch, hoping to cooperate with the industry website in four aspects of technology, content, business, capital, sun’s reason is very simple: to copy the successful experience of China chemical network. But in fact, this copy itself is not easy to achieve. Familiar with the industry site all know, the characteristics of the industry vary widely, the corresponding industry website business are not the same, the chemical industry rely on the website information can make a lot of money, but the textile industry was more inclined to the implementation of enterprise informatization, rum industry is focused on recruiting agents…… In this case, China Chemical Network’s successful experience can be copied? This is a question worth considering. Even down to the technical support, the surface looks similar to the platform will be a problem. After all, the website technology needs of each industry are not the same, no one is willing to let go of R & D, everywhere heteronomy.

actually, if related to capital investment, regardless of the choice of China chemical industry website net HC or Alibaba, will encounter difficult problem.

Sun Deliang said that the reasonable distribution of integrated B2B portal website and it is difficult to achieve the interests of the "HC can not do the 20 million business network security and a security industry website to do together, this will lead to left to right, interest conflict, profit model is not fusion, no way to achieve cooperation." This is right, Alibaba is also facing such a problem. Who will lead the new business after the acquisition? Is the team merged or dissolved? How strategies are formulated…… Regardless of the size of the acquisition, the full set of problems to be solved. So for the industry website, if you do not really want to sell cash, it was not a rational choice to be acquired.

from the level of cooperation, the industry is the most feasible site and integrated B2B is still the content of cooperation. On a platform and brand has been the industry website, and the content of the integrated B2B web site will not only lose the customer database, but also enhance the site brand. Although this cooperation is not new, but at least the effect is real, not so much trouble.


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