CANN conference will soon be officially approved the new top level domain name

June 16th news, according to the domain name insiders revealed that the forty-first ICANN conference will be held in Singapore, the new top-level domain name (New gTLD) program is expected to be formally approved at this meeting.

it is understood that, at this meeting, ICANN members focus on consulting the Internet Protocol (IP) address space allocation, root server system management, the new top-level domain (New gTLD) and other issues. It has been revealed that the new top-level domain (New gT LD) program will be formally approved at this meeting.

is currently the global generic top-level domain.Com,.Net,.Org etc. only two kinds of generic top-level domain name, and the new top-level domain once officially approved, any company, organization or institution (excluding individual proprietorship) can apply for new gTLD.

it is understood that in March 16, 2010, Canon announced that it would strive to ".Canon" as a suffix of the new international generic top-level domains (New, gTLD) with eBay, Facebook, HP, HSBC, Nokia, Google and other international brands also announced that it will attend the meeting, they have to apply for a new top level domain as the main content enterprise brand strategy development.

in the country, the major brands mediocre response, the company rarely stand. They have two main concerns: first, that the application of the new top-level domain name is too expensive, according to the ICANN policy, each applicant must pay $185 thousand fee and annual fee of $25 thousand.

two is not understanding of the new top-level domain name application and business prospects, some companies do not know the new top-level domain name for the new business opportunities and use about applying for back, the new top-level domain as a pillow with an embroidered case useless. (end)

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