Tencent shot remediation WeChat public account re launch certification process

Beijing daily news (reporter Qu Zhongfang) in that the Ministry is exploring the wind to security and privacy protection is the focus of the regulatory policy of WeChat OTT business, Tencent quickly rectification of WeChat public account originally more chaos.

on Friday afternoon, many WeChat public received a number of Tencent WeChat public platform mass message. The content of the message for the public platform of WeChat account authentication information with the name does not match, according to the WeChat public platform service agreement, consistent with the public number required to submit authentication information, the public number can immediately cancel the certification re launch the certification process. The Tencent WeChat public platform will be automatically canceled in May 28th by the system for their certification.

in fact, this is actually a Tencent proposed to strengthen the supervision of the WeChat OTT business to echo to the Ministry. In this message, the same day morning, the Ministry of Telecommunications Research Institute of communications letter from the deputy chief engineer Zhang Yanbin also confirmed. Zhang Yanbin said, the security and privacy issues such as WeChat’s OTT business has become increasingly prominent, but also increased the harmful information discovery and the difficulty of processing, the Ministry is exploring the supervision, and security and privacy protection is the focus of regulation.

insiders pointed out that WeChat long public platform authentication are lenient policy, as long as the user registration WeChat real user information, submit ID card and a photo to the WeChat public platform audit can obtain the public platform account, the authentication process so easy to make WeChat public platform presents more chaotic state.

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