The Ministry said it will launch a number of people loved green website

July 7th afternoon, said Xi Guohua, Vice Minister of industry and information technology development in the mainland in 2009 today the Internet forum, will actively create a favorable environment for the development of the Internet, focus on the introduction of a number of popular masses and green boutique business website.

Xi Guohua first pointed out that, as an important part of the information industry in recent years, the Internet industry continued to show a trend of rapid development, which manifests in the following aspects: the rapid growth of Internet users, increasingly rich Internet applications, the Internet economy continues to expand the scale, accelerate the development of mobile internet.

he pointed out that the need to continue to promote the sustained and healthy development of the Internet industry, which will take several measures, including increased industry management efforts to create a favorable environment for development.

"we will take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of technology and business trends, to further strengthen the management of the Internet industry, continue to do a good job of policies and regulations and standards formulation, improve the site for the record management, strengthening technical support capacity building and other basic management work; comprehensive use of legal, economic, technical and necessary administrative measures to strengthen market supervision and regulate market order; to further promote the sunshine green network project, focus on the introduction of a number of popular people’s boutique and green business website, purify the network environment." Xi Guohua said.

Xi Guohua believes that in addition to the above management work, also need to accelerate Internet infrastructure construction, vigorously promote the use of the Internet in various fields of economy and society, strengthen business innovation and service innovation, and encourage enterprises to continuously enhance the capability of independent innovation, and actively carry out exchanges and cooperation in the field of the Internet, jointly promote the sustained and healthy development of the internet.

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