WeChat and WeChat are wide point advertising today officially open beta

[Abstract] the form of advertising is still a text link to the bottom of the full page of the text message. Tencent technology news (Xiang Xin) today, WeChat jointly launched the WeChat wide open public beta officially advertising account. During the beta, WeChat public account operators can according to the need for opening the flow of the main services and advertising services in a public platform.

in addition to the advertisers, but also the end custom mobile page advertising through the wide point of delivery, advertising message is still graphic text text links at the bottom of the page.

wide point and WeChat bear different advertising function

it is understood that, in order to ensure the best delivery, and advertisers to meet different needs of different advertising, wide delivery end points through a public platform and WeChat advertising will assume different functions.

, wide delivery end points through WeChat ads to put the customer’s mobile page and other non public account concerns needs advertising, while WeChat public platform on end to put WeChat public account concerns related to advertising based.

type in the promotion, wide delivery end points through WeChat and put end can meet different needs to promote, in two on the end, can achieve efficient and accurate advertising effect.

to promote the main function of the main flow and advertisers

is worth mentioning is that the beta will also provide functionality for the promotion of WeChat public account operator, the operator can according to the need for opening the flow of the main services and advertising services in a public platform.

on the one hand, advertisers can be achieved through the promotion of functional precision promotional advertising, and access to the monitoring results; on the other hand, the main flow can be made public, location sharing to advertisers advertising display, in order to get advertising revenue.

WeChat official said, advertisers can to different gender, age, region of WeChat users to promote their own services, in order to obtain potential users. At the same time, advertisers can also monitor the effectiveness of advertising, view exposure, click, click rate, the amount of attention, click on the average price, the total cost and other key indicators, and timely adjustment of the bid, to get the best advertising results.

refers to the main flow of ad public account operators, gradually opening up policy based on the current WeChat public account more than 100 thousand fans in the WeChat public platform into self-service applications become the main flow, providing ad services, monthly advertising revenue.

wide point team said the main flow through real-time grasp the precise statistical reports data, set up permissions through traffic management functions, decide whether to open the flow switch, while advertisers can set the blacklist, the mismatch masked advertising, also can use the keywords to set their own account of the appropriate industry, priority display more, your account attribute type of advertising.

along with the gradual opening of WeChat advertising, millions of high-quality WeChat public account will be able to access, share

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