Baidu hiVS QQ

        Baidu is finally open to all their instant messaging software, the desire to challenge Tencent qq. In the end there is little chance of winning? I’ll give you the following analysis of the two party

Baidu advantage:

1, a powerful search user base, can be placed in the place where everyone will go on the Baidu hi ad

2, during the promotion of Baidu hi will not put any advertising, simple, practical, functional will certainly be innovative, but we do not know yet

3, the user can not worry about hacking, because Baidu hi is Baidu space account to login, Baidu space account anyone? There is no use of value, there will be no 88888 or 123456 of this number exists, the pattern is the same as MSN, like the use of e-mail addresses to do accounts almost.

4, with the search engine for a binding, at present China netizens in almost all Baidu, Baidu post, Baidu MP3, Baidu know, Baidu pictures and so on, users will be more convenient for

5, points from scratch, we all stand in the first line, to meet those QQ very low level of net friend vanity

Tencent advantage:

1, loyal users, Super Sticky user. Powerful user group

2, used to QQ, not to say! Internet is QQ, QQ is the Internet

3, powerful, stick to the game, news, hard disk space and so on, have been deeply user

QQ but the current problems is very much, such as hate pop ads. The problem of hacking and so on frequently makes me feel worried about


and Baidu once the search engine market has been stable, it is not difficult to snatch QQ market, and if the marketing is good, then it will become a popular, and even beat QQ

although the results are uncertain but look forward to.

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