WeChat marketing is going astray

why WeChat marketing cases in addition to that, there has been no more out of


because this article came out today!

Baidu WeChat marketing four words, almost all of the first screen is to pay for the promotion of WeChat marketing service agencies, the establishment of these institutions, almost no more than a year. This is a wonderful business world, every year there will be a typhoon, every year there will be flying pigs.

there is a problem, I do not know if you have not thought that WeChat so hot, what do you actually do with WeChat


WeChat, the public is fire, you can do a public number; WeChat mall is the fire, you do WeChat mall; WeChat popular on the big game, you do; service providers tell you must do WeChat CRM ah, not a month, your on-line SCRM spread later; next to the Twitter Life membership card, micro payment and micro finance have come with you, do not know fear or hope ideas are engaged, as if to keep up with the pace of the times.


, don’t you think, after these things out, his strength and strength always bad so little? You don’t know what’s wrong, sometimes a fan activity can also go up, selling things, but you always feel this stuff in the hand heavy burden it really is a burden an assistant or crutches?

WeChat marketing is not of the mind, not because WeChat is not good, you are likely to go astray zouhuorumo, take up the sword Tulong Dao practice.

first, WeChat is not a position, is a weapon

the myth of WeChat, the core of the mode of thinking is that WeChat this position must be occupied with network marketing to occupy the major portals, with micro-blog marketing to occupy micro-blog, with e-commerce to occupy Taobao, they are the door, micro-blog, Taobao as a position to compete for to operate.


, the biggest feature is the mobile Internet era to the center, but also get rid of traffic curse, this is my emphasis on "business strategy" in the article (see Figure 1213, WeChat reply) is a product of the mobile Internet era, can not use the PC thinking to play, his entrance is unlimited, as long as for you to open up, you can continue to expand in the real world, such as your logo, packaging, customer’s calendar, you send your mouse pad, DM, DM on each of your goods, outdoor advertising and so on, you can in a corner have aroused customers awakening and convenient customer contact you the channel.

sadly, pseudo experts and a large number of WeChat marketing, marketing thinking with the PC side, used to occupy the position of the trap of thinking a smattering of intimidation: WeChat marketing companies who don’t occupy you OUT, you can’t help.

, a philosopher said, the most easy birth of unknown panic panic! Most likely the philosopher as dementia! (surnamed Feng, um…… < >)

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