Soft how to use three steps to create a classic

, the purpose of advertising is to use less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve the reputation of the product, in the soft, subtle, realize the strategic tactical purposes, guide consumers to buy.

The essence of soft

is hidden advertising, writing should be open to talk around the product.

first, to research the detailed study, and to understand the relevant contents (such as trade information, industry information, etc.) the best of their own product characteristic, function, target consumer groups, and promise to the consumer what? Can not be guaranteed, then this is related to product sales consumer confidence, or not, is committed to the consumer confidence.

According to the

of the product and industry knowledge, establish the core idea, the core idea must be single, like a sword, to be creative, to be able to impress the target consumers. Why? Because of various now advertising has caused the target consumers annoyed you such a soft copy have no effect on the core of a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, creative you. Otherwise, those ads indifferent consumers really indifferent.

The core idea of

is that you write the central idea of soft, after the establishment of the central idea, the following should be done:

first step: Headline – "hello" to the target consumer

· David Ogilvy; that title is the most important part of most of the plane advertisement, it is decided to read the key reader does not read the text. The role of the title is self-evident, it is in the shortest possible time to arouse the reader’s attention, the consumer has to convey the important information. The ancient China have a very wonderful parable: crested, leopard tail, pork stomach. In the ads, I think is the title must be attractive crested.

so, what are some of the most commonly used techniques for writing the title?

1, news headlines, in order to release the attitude of the news to convey some information.

2, suspense title, set up a certain suspense, causing the curiosity of the object of appeal, to guide readers to seek results.

3, question type title, to ask questions or the way, caused by the demands of the object’s curiosity, beyond all expectations. 4, the title, to convey the core content to straightforward way of expression.

in short, there are many ways to write the title, no matter what method is used, the purpose is only one, causing the target group of curiosity, so that they are interested in reading.

to write a creative title, there are several methods:

1, with metaphor

2, anthropomorphic

3, exclamatory tone

4, hot topic

5, the use of reverse thinking.


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