Website optimization seven steps

The first step:

keyword analysis
Correlation and density of

1. keywords.
2. keyword search frequency.
3. keyword competitors.

second: Web site
100 diagnostic indicators, systematic diagnosis on the site, to find the problem.
1. Whois
2. to check the domain name information website DNS settings are correct. Some technical problems may affect the server of web search engines crawl.
3. examination included

third: Web site optimization

browser compatibility test   2.HTML/CSS syntax correctness   3 link correctness check     Web site information navigation optimization   5 site interaction

The fourth part:

website login to the domestic and foreign major search engines, the directory to submit your site. The following is the website login entrance address important search engine login several:

– a NetEase

fifth: reverse link
for your website import a large number of high-quality external links.
1. reverse link anchor text (link text) should be diversified
2. links should come from the web pages you can go to w>

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