Shang Ke create another spring of e commerce

  have to say that the global economic crisis has swept every country, every city, every industry, like everyone in the face of an economic depression in the winter, including the tea industry also faces the challenges and difficulties of the hitherto unknown.

electronic commerce, has been in the tea industry sales, is a famous. Although e-commerce in the global development is just unfolding, but for the tea industry, electronic commerce is still a worthwhile mining field. Use the network platform to promote sales growth, although this is a new field for the tea industry, but there are still many successful online e-commerce sales success stories, so we have reason to believe that in the face of the current economic crisis, the traditional sales might be more or less impact, but the electronic commerce the growth rate is still worthy of anyone to sit up and take notice through e-commerce, and we have confidence in this platform, through long-term business building, to achieve shanguo hegemony in the field of electronic commerce online sales status.

  according to the electronic commerce network sales people and features a mountain country opens up a new product line – sumcl tea. It can be said that such initiatives on the mountain in the field of e-commerce development provides a good platform. There is a guest in the low-end product sales line, through technical means of e-commerce, and now the network of consumer groups, the more efficient, more convenient, more affordable products can be said to be very consistent with the characteristics of shopping network sales mode and a network of people, we have the reason is also firmly believe that is the guest, will become the electronic commerce and a spring.

  today, still guest tea, has been gradually on the line during the process of electronic commerce department, through the efforts, both in the technical field, or in the sales methods have made great efforts, we are holding a firm belief, and enthusiasm for electronic commerce, also believe that the guest is able to become a popular Internet brand in the Internet era.

  we have been adhering to this belief, therefore, a step by step way, perhaps, we did not bring a bright spot early mountain country, but we believe that the charm of e-commerce, believe in their own efforts, so that we will become a bright spot in the hill country sales field or in the team the construction in the near future.

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