Startups never spend money on marketing Tell some fantastic tales

is now a lot of entrepreneurs in bragging how the company should not spend a penny fortune in marketing can have effect in the. If these words are true, it proves that the product does have an unusual appeal to consumers.

if you don’t spend money to do marketing, it means that consumers need to come to their own, and they used also like to recommend relatives and friends, free for you to do publicity. Every entrepreneur on the marketing effect of this free dream.

unfortunately, if you talk for these people deeply, you will find that this is not so. When a person says that his company has never spent money on marketing, he usually wants to convey that they have never paid a fee. But this does not mean that their companies do not use the following marketing channels:

project recommendation: like Dropbox and Wealthfront will provide users with free product upgrades, in order to obtain user satisfaction and attract users to continue to use. In some cases because they will provide this service and products for you to pay, but in most cases this is provided by the Dropbox and Wealthfront to free the user incentive for your products could mean the loss of income, so this is a kind of marketing cost.

PR: if you read the news of a company often, it may mean that they use a number of PR tools to get exposure. The best PR companies are asking for a lot of money, even if they are positioning themselves as a corporate consultant.

search engine optimization (SEO): in the search engine ranking looks like a well paid search advertising alternatives, isn’t it? It is good, but you want to start from zero to the extent is very difficult. Many companies will hire SEO experts or professional companies to help themselves to enhance the ranking in the search engine, these additional measures do not want money?

aside paid advertising does not mention, we can also cite numerous examples of marketing to prove that in fact there are many places to spend money. In fact, many start-up companies, even if they buy a paid ad will still say that they never spend money on marketing. Because "do not do marketing (or success)" is such a powerful story to buy, so that people would rather lie also want to swollen face fat man.

from a practical point of view, there are few startups can not spend a penny on the basis of marketing development and growth. All the companies that are able to do this almost impossible task are the tools of communication, such as Skype, Hotmail, and Snapchat. In reality, the real viral growth is very elusive and cannot be forced.

do not expect to be able to carry out marketing free

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