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" is a soft consumer psychology literature is a new discipline Laoxie I proposed, namely commodity production, commodity production and trade prompted producers, operators and consumers in different degree, and has begun to pay attention to consumer psychology category is the following, by means of adding soft Wen promotion, achieve marketing objective.

With the gradual progress of human civilization, people’s understanding of the issues related to the category of consumer psychology gradually increased from perceptual to rational, and then expanded the logical thinking and refined a series of theoretical categories.

. Laoxie I study consumer psychology for many years, because the old Xie is a software writers, for soft, seize the consumer psychology, also achieve the aim of promotion, in China, the old Xie is the first consumer psychology of the subject system and the combination of professional products or website promotion is soft, user experience, network marketing, etc..

the first part of the Laoxie today: consumer psychology and image packaging

in the marketing industry, to understand the image packaging, giving a good first impression, will always be the winner.

this is the wise remark of an experienced person. People are heavy "feeling", the first impression often determines the future development relationship. If the two sides met for the first time, leaving a negative first impression, then, even if your major is strong, your personality or ability is good, it is difficult to have a chance to prove. On the contrary, if you leave a good impression on the customer, you will have the opportunity to use your talents. For "a good beginning is half done."."

in contact with the customer, the customer’s first impression of the salesman is good or bad, depends entirely on the salesman’s appearance and attitude, that is, the image. How to leave a good first impression to the customer? This is to be the outstanding self-image packaging.

so how can we have a lot of good packaging of the product


Xie think, first you have to know your users, for enterprise stand for, is the consumer groups of users to collect, and the most important psychological, if you can be a very good grasp of consumer psychology, whether you use soft Wen promotion, or other promotion, it is the core of the core.

old Xie will continue in the future for the old thank their own consumer psychology soft literature to study, will share in the majority of webmaster.

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